Obsessed with the Truth

Image: Photographed by Jamie Murcia © 2017 Kareem Soliman. All Rights Reserved.


Kareem’s first foray into the world of the arts was an ambitious collection of clashed mediums and treatments which sought to push the boundaries of techniques employed in garment construction.

It was through this and subsequent projects that it became evident that he was less interested in the outcome of a project, than the processes employed in achieving an end state. It was the questions that drove the results; an organic process of repetitive interrogation and exploration into the core of a concept that insisted upon evolution until there was nothing left to ask.

Kareem’s work comments on the peculiarity and mundanity of existence. By continually questioning and highlighting, Kareem hopes in a way to challenge the meaning of existence, and the value systems that have been imposed upon us.

Not wanting to be bound by any specific medium, Kareem allows the process to evolve organically through iterative idea development, where the questions dictate the ideal method of conveying the outcome of the idea or concept. Inspiration strikes in the most unlikely of circumstances, often appearing as though by divine intervention apropos of nothing at all.

“For me it’s all a series of answers to questions. There are always so many variables, and sometimes it’s hard to tell if some of the variables are even real. It’s back and forth and back and forth until I get as close as I can to the truth”

– Miles Scott